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In August of 2017 I took my first solo trip 😮👏🏼 it only took 27 years but better late than never.

After moving to Singapore, I faced an unfamiliar sensation I later understood to be homesickness and I decided to visit London, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. And since I had two friends living and working there I made my plans.

I was VERY nervous.

Every other time I’ve travelled in my life I was either with my family or my husband. I’d never had to rely on my own or left to my own devices.

Prior to actually departing for this trip, I had multiple meltdowns and very nearly didn’t end up going. I worried about everything and anything possible.

I arrived at Heathrow around 8:30pm and went straight to my friend’s apartment where I was going to stay for the next few nights. By the time I reached her flat it was around 10:30pm and all I had energy for (after a 14 hour flight) was a shower and bed.

Sandeman’s Walking Tour

On the first day in London I decided to do the Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour of London.

I was lucky to get an eccentric tour guide - the guide can make or break the tour.

We walked around for approximately 3.5 hours and walked to sites like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Portobello Markets, Kensington Palace & Scones at Covent Garden

The following day being the start of the weekend I was taken around to a few places by my friend who was kind enough to host me!

We also made a quick stop to find the Tardis!

Platform 9 3/4 & Punting at Cambridge

My 7msq hotel room

Yep, that’s right. With hotels in London being so painfully high it feels like holding your hand over a fire 🔥!

I decided to go minimal, with a teeny tiny 7msq room (shared toilets and shower) at the St Athans Hotel. After all, I was by myself and didn’t need very much space.

St Athans Hotel

Quite literally, the only thing you cannot see in frame was a sink (just to the left) and a chair (just to the right) with the door which I was leaning on to take this photo.

Honestly… I loved this hotel room. I can’t quite tell you why, but I think it has to do something with the overwhelming feeling of liberation because it was my first solo trip and I was answerable to no one!

House of MinaLima & Sherlock Holmes Museum

The first day on my own I felt a great sense of liberation! The hotel was very close to the tube (Russel Square Station) and I was able to zip about very easily.

Tower of London

This was the most expensive thing I did the whole time I was in London. It was sort of worth it except the crazy amount of time I waited in line to see the jewels (45mins!!!😮)

The final day I spent walking around the local area and also popped back into Trafalgar Square (to take some time lapses, of course)!

My London Itinerary

My London Itinerary

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