Roam with R

I love travelling, but what I don’t love is the inconvenience of being away from my vanity to get ready in the morning. Just because I’m away from home I refuse sacrifice my haircare, skincare or makeup, here’s how I do it.

Go Solid

We’ve outlined several tips on Travelling with Liquids & Gels but no matter what you do there’s always a chance that one of your precious products will decide it no longer wants to stay in its assigned container during the flight.

Wherever possible use a solid alternative, like Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap Bar, which can be used as body wash, shampoo and conditioner. You’ll not only eliminate the leakages by these products, you’ll also be creating less waste as you can easily bring back any leftover product. Simply let it sit to dry for a short while, place into a tin or zip lock bag and pack!


In most cases it is very inconvenient, and a waste of space, to bring along your full sized daily essentials. Instead of purchasing travel sized products and creating more waste, make your own!

Siphon small amounts of your essential products into smaller, reusable travel sized containers and label to identify the products in each container while you’re away.

Toiletries Pouch

All airlines now have very specific requirements for any liquids or gels on board planes:

  • Products must be in containers of 100mLs or less and carried together in a transparent resealable bag.
  • The bag’s sealed area must add up to no more than 80cm.
  • Only one clear bag is allowed per passenger with exceptions of carers who may carry the bags of people in their care, e.g. mothers for their children.

In the past I’ve used snap lock bags to carry my liquids and gels on board a long flight but worried about the extra waste created by using so many zip lock bags. While they are reusable they still have a finite life.

I now use a transparent liquids and gels pouch from MUJI to bring all of my on board essentials. It’s also very easy to clean, as I often get toothpaste everywhere due to my clumsiness, by wiping it clean with a wet towel.

Prepare for Security

The security line is gloomy at best and, for most people, the worst part of the airport experience.

To make this part of your trip go by as fast and smoothly as possible think ahead to what is needed in the security line and prepare accordingly. Keep your toiletries pouch in your handbag (or somewhere very handy) to whip out into the trays and fly by through security.

Read our article on getting through Airport Security on everything you can do to make this frustrating process easier.