Roam with R

Thermals, Thermals, Thermals

Layering is key when travlling through winter and thermals will make it so much easier. I bought two pairs of thermal tights, tops and socks and put them underneath every outfit, especially skirts and dresses.

My favourite are from UNIQLO - they have a variety of warmth levels to choose from depending on your destination.

The problem I faced was wearing thermals underneath my jeans. I bought them fairly fitted, so when I put thermals underneath I couldn’t button up 😩

Thankfully I prefer dresses and skirts anyway.

Plan outfits

Make a list of your activities and lay the respective outfits on the floor. Styling them beforehand will take the guesswork out of potentially over packing. You will often see a pattern emerge and may have packed two similar sweaters. Ditch one!

Create multiple outfits with accessories. Headbands, belts, jewellery, beanies and scarves take up very little room and easily jazz up the same outfit!


Here is one time where accessories are essential and not only for stylish. I packed a beanie, beret, gloves and scarves.


Cold climates are usually also drier.

Bring more moisturiser than you think you need! I like to mix in my Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.


Aside from the usual moisturise, I like to bring along a good face mask. The dry air will make for some scaly looking dry patches and there’s nothing like a good face mask to clean the slate.

I like bringing The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom and Atom xxx mask as they’re both powders, making them super easy to pack, and work wonders to bring life back to your skin.

Pack accordingly

Find the best way to pack your clothing into your bags. Depending on the article of clothing I will either fold, roll, file or use packing bags. For trips to cold climates I will fold up thicker clothing. I’ll then use a filing system for my undergarments which I will then put inside packing bags to prevent them from flying everywhere in transit.

Read more on Packing Techniques.

Compression bags

I love compression bags. Remove excess air from bulky garments by placing your items inside compression bags, seal and roll to remove air. There are various colours, shapes and sizes available.

For smaller items of clothing you can use Snap Lock Bags in the same way.

Packing cubes

For those hyper-organised travellers you can organise your clothing into packing cubes and keep your luggage super tidy. However, doing this will all of your clothing isn’t the most space efficient packing technique.

Inevitably you will end up needing more luggage space for trips to colder climates but enjoyable nonetheless, with a little planning, organisation and these tips above.