Roam with R

Knowing how to look good while travelling is a skill and particularly useful when travelling for work or going on short trips.

Irregular sleep patterns, dehydration, poor diet, and opting for the comfort of sweatpants and trainers are just some habits we can easily slip into without noticing.

Starting from the inside out, here are some things you can do to stay stylish.


Aside from this being the golden rule for life in general, it’s especially important when you’re flying as cabin humidity is excruciatingly low and you will need to drink more water than usual to stay hydrated. Ask the cabin crew for a bottle of water to easily keep track of how much you’re drinking. You should increase your water intake even before you board the flight.

Opt for water, as alcohol or caffeinated drinks cause dehydration and exacerbate the effects of jet lag when you land. If you do have a drink of alcohol make sure to double up on your water to cancel it out! Ask to add a slice of lemon as the Vitamin C it brings will give your immune system a much-needed boost. Read our article on how to Combat Jet Lag for more.


Chances are you’ve already found your perfect skin care, mine is Créme de la Mer, and just because you’re in transit doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your skin care. In fact, the opposite is true!

Bring your skin care in your toiletries bag and to make it easier, transfer small amounts into travel-sized containers. Without fail I will bring a tube of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, and will find myself reaching for it every few hours to rub into my dry legs and arms. Read Our Guide to Packing Toiletries for suggestions on what to take with you either on the plane, on a road trip or on a cruise.

Instead of layering moisturiser on your face, dampen a muslin cloth under hot water and cleanse your face, then apply a face oil followed by your moisturiser as usual. This will help to prevent blocked pores and breakouts later on. Do this every 2-3 hours if you’re on a long haul flight.

Consider taking a moisturising sheet mask as these are relatively mess free, easy to pack and you can doze off while its working its magic in providing intense moisture during your flight.


Sleep is that all important part of life which is the most disrupted during travel. Our article on Sleep & Travel provides tips on transitioning your sleeping patterns to a different time zone.

For those who suffer from anxieties and mild phobias, travelling can be a little more tricky so we have created a collection of articles with Advice for Nervous Travellers. You may also find our Calming Techniques useful to guide you into restful sleep.

Be stylish but comfortable

These two worlds don’t usually coincide and understandably we all want to be comfortable while in transit.

Most overnight Business & First Class flights will provide passengers with pyjamas.

Otherwise, it’s easy to pack a comfortable set of clothing & underwear where you can feel relaxed and be well-rested for when you arrive. Just before you land, change out of your ‘comfort’ clothes and you’ll feel fresh and ready to go.

I’ve found wearing a maxi dress with a light scarf, hat and flats can easily make any outfit look stylish while being super comfortable for the duration of a flight.

Eat well

When you’re in a hurry it can be a challenge to resist the fast food option, particularly racing through the airport or when you’ve hurried out the door to arrive at the airport on time and didn’t get a chance to eat.

Make sure to choose food that has a high nutritional value, and maybe try to select the vegetarian in-flight option, which can sometimes taste better than the alternative.

In general, try to avoid complex carbohydrates as they can make you feel more dehydrated and tired once you reach your destination.

Pack a hat

Once I discovered the irreversible effects of sun damage I began to wear sunscreen and hats every time I went outside. My outfits quickly became effortlessly stylish with this one accessory!

My favourites are wide brimmed floppy hats, preferably of breathable material in hot climates, normally a tan or black colour which will match any outfit.

Rock a bold lip

Put on a bright pink, red or even a dark sultry coloured lipstick and you’ll be surprised how it elevates your look.

My favourite statement lipstick is the Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour in Rose Pop, a matte finish but incredibly moisturising and comfortable which lasts all day!

Learn to braid

Managing to execute perfect hair-dos each day is a challenge at the best of times.

Solution? Braids!

We have some suggestions for Hairstyles for Travel for more on simple, yet stylish, ways to style your hair.

Plan your outfits

Many years ago I would simply grab whichever clothes I could see in my wardrobe that I thought would suit the destination weather. I’d pack without much consideration into how they would look or what I would be doing when I arrived.

I frequently dressed in mis-matched casual clothing and always regretted the travel photos when looking back on them.

By taking a few extra hours, laying & planning-out your outfits according to your activities, you can avoid both over packing and unfortunate outfit choices. You can find more suggestions in our Prevent Over Packing article.

Slow travel

Don’t rush!

Whether you’re running to catch a flight before it leaves, or rushing out the door for your cruise, none of us want to embark on our travels in a hurry. Our Checklists will help you get organised and out the door with plenty of time to spare.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination it’s tempting to be constantly on the go to avoid wasting valuable time at your destination. But we’ve all had those blisters and achy legs the next day that refuse to move from all the walking and touristing.

I have learned to appreciate a slower-paced travel where I dress up to look and feel nice. When needed, I know I can go back to the hotel to freshen up or rest. This allows me to really get to know the city in my unique way.