Roam with R

So you’ve been cursed with the middle seat and need a way to make it through with your sanity intact. Preparation is your friend in making sure you’re not miserable the entire flight.

Toilet runs, overhead lockers and outfits

Consider the duration of your flight. Of course, longer flights are worse. Make sure you use the toilet before boarding, drink plenty of water several hours before your flight but not too much right before or you’ll get the urge to go at the most inconvenient times.

And when you find your seat make sure you’ve grabbed anything you’ll need from your baggage before stowing it away in the overhead locker.

For shorter flights it won’t matter too much if you’re forgotten to use the toilet before boarding or if you’ve left something you really wanted in the overhead locker. It’s usually over before you know it.

To make the whole ordeal more bearable you should select an outfit in which you feel most comfortable. For me this is usually a maxi dress, a jacket, scarf and some comfortable sandals or some tights, a long button down (usually plaid) shirt, scarf, jacket and comfortable sandals.

Distract yourself

I like to distract myself from the reality of being trapped between two other people by pretending I’m not there. Immerse yourself with in-flight entertainment which is quite extensive these days, a book or take a nap.

Go when others go

Unless you have a bladder of steel, you will inevitably need to use the toilet during your flight. I find the easiest way is to go when your aisle seat neighbour does too. And even if you don’t need to go at that time, this is a great opportunity to stretch your legs, do some odd squats and yoga moves to keep the blood flowing!

Pack your carry on accordingly

Shorter trips

Electronics For shorter trips I like to make sure my distraction aids are sufficiently charged, namely my AirPods, phone, iPad, laptop and maybe a book.
Toiletries Usually minimal, I always bring my Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to stave off the dry cabin air.

Longer trips

Foot Hammock This helps to prevent my feet swelling during the flight as my feet never reach the floor and circulation gets cut off at my thighs.
Compression Socks This helps with prevention of swelling too.
Electronics In addition to electronics I bring on shorter trips, for longer trips I like to make sure I bring a USB charging cable too as most planes have a charging slot and I won’t have to worry about running out of battery on the other end.
Toiletries On longer flights I’ll bring my full face skincare, face oil, moisturiser, sun screen and a muslin cloth with which to cleanse my skin.