Roam with R

Warm destinations are popular to travellers especially for those living in cold climates.

Packing for warmer weather is easier as summer clothing takes up less space. Not having to pack bulky sweaters and coats give the illusion we have more space and fall into the trap of over packing. Read more about how you can Prevent Over Packing.

Following a few steps will help organise your planning and packing process:

Plan outfits

Make a list of your activities and lay out the respective outfits. Styling them in advance will take the guesswork out of potentially over packing. Doing this makes it obvious where items are being duplicated - ditch that second pair of denim shorts or that identical top!

Roll, don’t fold

Pack smart and use the techniques outlined in the article Packing Techniques for space saving ideas.

The right bag

Think about the duration of your trip and how much you’ll need to pack. Will you need a small weekender bag or a suitcase? I love my Entrepreneur trunk (which has sadly been discontinued) but sometimes I can’t fit all I need to take in this one bag. For longer trips I opt for a soft cover suitcase with an expansion zip for those inevitable shopping trips.

Practice pack.

Does everything fit? Will your shoes soil the rest of your bag? Do you have too much space left?

Tips for travelling in Summer

  • Check the weather at your destination and make sure to pack accordingly. Tropical climates are often warm and rainy.
  • Check for amenities provided at your accommodation:

    • Most hotels provide blowdryers, cotton tips, towels and body soap.
    • Some Airbnb rooms have washers and dryers. Pack less, wash and re-wear your clothes.
  • Leave a little extra room for those inevitable purchases while you’re travelling.