Roam with R

It’s always a consideration, whenever I plan my travels, the tools I will need to manage the hateful visit of Aunt Flo. Even when I don’t have a period due for the duration I’m away, I’ve learnt the hard way to always bring along my supplies. Travelling and stress can affect your cycles and bring on unpredictable uterus behaviour.

Through my testing of alternative period care I’ve been able to refine the items I bring to these below:

Menstrual Cup I’ve made it no secret how much I love my Lunette Cup , and I know I’m not alone. Similarly, I know there will be many who just cannot use it for whatever reason. Whatever your period product of choice is, bring it.
Cup Wipes I bought one pack of Lunette CupWipes just to try them out and see if it really does make using the cup easier. For those unanticipated times when you have to clean out your cup, these little wipes are a life-saver. So far, I haven’t had to use one while out and about. I only end up using it at the end of my cycle when I’m sanitising it, by wiping it out post boiling in a pot.
Period Underwear I use my THINX underwear as a supplement to the cup, for any possible leakages. This has eliminated my need for disposable panty liners and is actually quite easy to use while travelling.
Pain Killers Namely, Naprogesics. I will go nowhere without at least one pack of these. It is the only way I can guarantee I will continue functioning, and who wants to lose an entire day from their travels because of the pesky Aunt Flo.
I have also reviewed Livia , a drug free period pain device!
Period Tracking I use Clue and I love it. I know have four years of data that now provides very accurate predictions of my next period and when I can expect certain events that happen for me during my cycle.
Groovy case Something to put it all in. I just use a spare makeup bag that I can then put all of this stuff in to use it when the time comes.
Appropriate clothing During this time I usually bloat a little, so I always make sure to pack some loose-fitted, darker coloured, clothing. Anything to feel a little more comfortable.