Roam with R


An easy way to pack, after all, this is how we put away our laundry (when we finally get around to it!). This is a great technique when packing for shorter trips or summer travel as you can arrange your clothes by outfit and only pull out clothes you need and avoid disturbing the rest of your luggage.

However, you may noticed that the rectangles the clothes make aren’t always the same and isn’t the most efficient use of space.

If you’re tight for space you might find that you’re not able to arrange the clothes in the sequence you like as you may have to fold smaller articles of clothing into the shape of the spaces to maximise on space - a tetris-like game!


A version of the folder technique where clothes are arranged as if your suitcase were a filing cabinet. This orientation makes it very easy to see all of your clothing and only pull out what you need rather than sifting through the deeper layers of your baggage.

If you’re able to pack this way you’ll be able to use up your luggage space more efficiently and fit several extra articles of clothing.


A well known technique for maximising space but you may find your clothes will wrinkle more. You will fit so much into your bags, but may have a hard time finding things if you plan to live out of your suitcase. Unpacking your bag at your destination will surely make it easier!

Of course we can all roll clothing but to take it a step further, and if you’re committed to fitting more into your luggage, then the military style roll is for you. See this step by step video guide as its almost impossible to describe.


This bundle roll technique is best known for reducing wrinkling. In essence, you would place your most wrinkle prone clothing in the outer layers around a core of underwear and socks or other clothing which won’t matter if they do wrinkle.

Not only does this prevent and reduce wrinkles but is also a great space saver! However when you need an article of clothing near the centre of a bundle you will need to unravel all the layers only to have to do it all over again.

Definitely not a quick method but worth a try!


Compression bags are another product I’ve heard about but only recently discovered.

Simply pack your items as you would with packing bags but then use your vacuum cleaner hose to suck all the air out of the bag. Some compression bags also allow you to roll the air out, no vacuum cleaner required! The amount of space you will save is just amazing.

One drawback to this, however, is that your luggage may become heavier than expected, being able to pack more than usual. Use a digital luggage scale to weigh your bag and avoid going over baggage allowances at the airport and end up having to pay very high fees or downsize at the very last minute.


I discovered packing cubes very recently and it changed my life. As a hyper-organiser I dislike rummaging through baggage on the plane or at the airport.

I immediately purchased a few large ones for my clothing, a medium sized one for accessories and a small one for under garments. If you’re travelling with a partner or family, get different colours for each person and pull out each cube as needed.

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