Roam with R

It’s so easy to over pack the toiletries bag. The tendency to take extra items ‘just in case’ is overwhelming and because a lot of items don’t take up much space individually it’s easy to overlook the big picture.

Our recommendation is to keep things to a minimum, note how long you will be away and be critical of what you will actually use. Don’t skimp on the skin care - pack everything you use on a daily basis but only take small amounts of everything with you on the plane, if that is how you are travelling.

Here is a list of toiletries essentials we’ve compiled:


Face cloth Dampen a muslin cloth under hot water to cleanse your face to remove excess oils.
Face Oil Using a face oil actually reduces the occurrence of oily skin and is a great anti ageing product - fight oil with oil.
Eye Cream Keep the delicate eye area hydrated.
Moisturiser With the luxurious face oil soaking in underneath, the moisturiser creates an added barrier and provides moisture.
Sunscreen Very important to protect against sun damage, if you’re flying you’re that much closer to the sun!
Body Butter Don’t forget the skin on the rest of your body!
Lip Balm Chapped lips aren’t very nice.
Fragrance A roller perfume is compact and will do the trick.
Deodorant Opt for a natural deodorant that neutralises the smell without blocking your pores.


Toothbrush Of course!
Toothpaste Take a travel sized toothpaste and buy more as you go to save on space.
Dental Floss Oral health is so important and flossing is often overlooked.
Case To put it all in!


Hair brush Or a comb. Whatever you prefer.
Hair ties Bring a few, they always seem to vanish from under our noses.
Bobby pins These are also very hard to keep a track of so bring enough and keep them in a pouch.
Hair clip I find a jaw clip is the most effective when you need to throw your hair up out of your face in a hurry.
Headband Keep your hair out of your face when you’re washing it.
Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash Find yourself a multi-tasking product, like Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap, which will eliminate leakages and you’ll need to pack less!
Hair owel Because you don’t always want to blow dry your hair.
Dry Shampoo For those in-between hair wash days, my favourite is Klorane.

Some other things

Nail Clippers Depending on how long you’re going away for bring along nail clippers.
Nail File You may not be able to take this onto a plane as nail files may classify as a ‘sharps’ item so pack this into your check in, or buy one at your destination.
Pocket Tissue For any messy spills or if you need to pass anyone your number!
Razor If you’re not too fussy with the razor you use then buy some when you get to your destination otherwise pack your razor and make sure to secure the blades so you don’t cut your hand or anything else.
Snap Lock Bag Store your damp face cloths in a sealable pouch to keep from other things getting wet.