Roam with R

Planning for a trip away doesn’t always mean you have to book a flight and get there as quickly as possible. We don’t always need to rush to get somewhere while missing out on the joys of getting there.

Make this otherwise ordinary style of travelling into a stylish and comfortable affair.

The essentials

Insurance Ensure you’re covered at your destination and keep a copy of this documentation.
Licence Each person on the road trip should bring along their license whether or not they will be driving - just in case!
Bank Cards Look into which credit cards provide the best value and additional perks at your destination.
Documentation Bring travel and car documentation with you.
Addresses Make a list of addresses of accommodation and rest stops and for good measure, check that these addresses show up on your maps/GPS before you take off.
Emergency Cash In case cards aren’t accepted. Also make note of the local ATMs you can use to withdraw further funds should you fall short.
Packing Determine how much room you have and for luggage, large items & people during the planning phase.
Emergency Numbers Contact numbers and names of friends, family and roadside assistance.
Spare Car Keys Give the spare to someone else in case you lose them.


Sketch out a basic timeline of rest stops, site-seeing and arrival at destination to know how your day may look.

  • Confirm Leaving Time:
  • Rest Stop #1:
  • Mid-way Site-Seeing:
  • Rest Stop #2:
  • Arrival Time at Destination:
  • Leaving Time for Following Day:

Mechanical & Electrical

Car Maintenance Become well versed in all things vehicular that you may need to check along the way: water, oil, fuel, etc. and make sure that all is in working order.
Tool Box Again, take note of equipment you’ll need to keep your vehicle running.
Jumper Cables Not everyone has this essential item ready in their cars.
Tyre Kit Spare tyre, tyre iron and jack.
Navigation If your car doesn’t already have a GPS system then organise one. If you’re using your phone then get a holder, don’t rely on it being propped up by the cup holder or your road trip buddy.
Headphones In case you need to tune out from your travel buddies.
Chargers & Cables You’ll need to make sure you’re sufficiently charged up on all devices.
Torch Just in case!


Eye Mask Great for tuning out or doze off during the drive or just for a good night’s sleep.
Ear Plugs As above, helps in tuning out a noisy environment.
Toiletries Check out our Guide to Packing Toiletries for everything you’ll need for a trip.
Luggage Our Carry On Essentials outlines all you’ll need on the plane - as well as on the road!

On the road

First Aid Kit Include travel sickness medication and read up on our Travel Sickness article on prevention because once it sets in it’s very hard to cure.
Food Choose healthy non-perishable snacks like nuts, dried fruits and granola bars. On the first day you could even pack some sandwiches if you have time before you leave.
Drinking Water Grab one large 5L bottle which should last you several rest stops. You can always pick up more as you go.
Plastic Bags For rubbish and waste.
Entertainment Namely a few great playlists and movies downloaded on a tablet if you’re a passenger.
Wet Wipes Useful addition to hand paper towels to clean up messy spills and sticky hands.
Batteries As a back up for flashlights and other electronics.
Directory A low-tech saviour in case your hi-tech GPS fails.
Storage Boxes To organise all of your gear.