Roam with R

If you’re a nervous flyer, some additional preparation and planning can work wonders, taking you from being anxious and panic-ridden to a calm, relaxed and in-control traveller.


Flights Plan your trip in advance and pick the flight that works for you, preferably a daytime flight.
Seating Read our article on The Perfect Plane Seat for the ideal seating for you.
Airport Lounge Access to airport lounges help to calm down, relax and refresh yourself before your flight. Research your options!
Priority Pass Allows you lounge access regardless of the type of plane ticket.
Directions Have a general idea of where you will need to go at your destination.
Transport Research public & private transportation at your destination.
Accommodation Book your accommodation, preferably close to transportation.
Travel Insurance Organise this well in advance and keep a copy of this in your travel documentation.
Luggage Note luggage allowance, size & weight.
SIM Card Take down the names of tourist SIM card providers and how much data will be provided.
Local Customs Any do’s and don’ts you should know about at your destination.

Transit itinerary

I find myself getting anxious when there are too many things going through my mind: What time is my flight? When do I need to leave? What time will it be at the destination?

Note down the timing of the sequence of events in sequence in a table format, as below, which you can keep in front of you whenever you’re feeling nervous.

  • Confirm Flight Time:
  • Confirm Leaving Time:
  • Coordinate Pick-Up to the Airport:
  • Confirm Check-in Time for Flight:
  • Coordinate Pick-Up from the Airport at Destination:
  • Confirm Check-in Time for for Accommodation:


Plan Packing Do a flay-lay of outfits and other belongings you’re going to pack.
Practice Packing Do a practice run of packing all of these items.
Travel Supplies Go shopping and pick up toiletries you’ll need for you trip.
Currency Organise some foreign currency in advance. Even though this may cost a little more, it will provide peace of mind.
Immunisation Visit your doctor and get boosters of all vaccines you’ll need.
Adapter Plug Take three, just in case, and be prepared to charge more than one item at a time!

Get Ready

Weather Check upcoming weather both at home & destination.
Pack Do a rough final pack.
Liquids & Gels Make sure you’ve prepared your liquids & gels in clear, resealable pouches.
Online Check-in Check-in to your flight.
Boarding Pass And keep a copy of your boarding pass ready on your phone or tablet. If it helps, have a printout ready with the rest of your travel documents.
Uber Have a car service app ready to go for transport to the airport.
Calming Apps Download your favourite calming apps and playlists ready for your trip.
Water Your Plants So they’ll still be alive when you get back!
Spare House Key Give a spare copy of your house key to a friend, family member or neighbour in case of emergencies.
Laundry Be as up to date with your laundry and do a load or two a couple of days before your trip - come home to freshly laundered clothes!
Tidy Up Having a messy home can trigger stress, do a quick and easy tidy up and know that you’ll be coming home to an organised place.
Carry On Bags Go through your carry on bag and make sure you’ve separated your liquids and gels. Read our Carry On Essentials article for everything you’ll need on the plane.
Travel Documents Organise all important documentation and keep them all in one place ready for the trip.

Travel documents

Make two photocopies of all important documentation, take one with you and leave one with friends or family in case of emergencies. Alternatively, save paper and keep an offline electronic copy of everything (e.g. Dropbox folder).

Carry on

The security line at the airport is gloomy at best. Nervous travellers should prepare for this by organising carry on luggage and make this part of the journey smooth and quick:

  • Products must be in containers of 100mLs or less and carried together in a transparent resealable bag.
  • The bag’s sealed area must add up to no more than 80cm.
  • Only one clear bag is allowed per passenger with exceptions of carers who may carry the bags of people in their care, e.g. mothers for their children.

On the day

Stoves Check all stove tops & gas are switched off.
Gas & Hot Water Turn off gas & hot water.
Doors & Windows Close and lock.
Taps Make sure no taps are leaking water.
Toiletries Pack final toiletries, e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and skin care.
Bins & Recycling Take out the bins & recycling and come back to a clean home.
Flight Status Log on and check the flight status well before you have to leave.
Travel Documents Have them all in one place ready to go, preferably in a travel wallet, ready to leave.
Leave Early Leave (and arrive) a little before the three hour mark. Give yourself ample time to be relaxed in the event of bad traffic, bad weather or unforeseen events.
HAVE FUN! You’re going on a trip! Whether it’s for work or leisure make the most of it and enjoy your time away, you never know when you’ll be able to come back.