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While browsing through Sephora on a lazy day, I came across the FOREO stall, a brand I’d fleetingly seen before and proceeded to make enquiries with the sales assistant. There were many types, but as a starter, two caught my eye:

LUNA Play LUNA Play Plus
A cotton-round-sized silicone face brush using T-Sonic pulses lasting up to 100 uses. A slightly bigger version of the Play with longer bristles and operated by AAA battery.

Because I hadn’t done any research on FOREO and their products my first instinct was to purchase the cheapest option, Play, but was put off by its limited use. At $10 more I purchased the battery replaceable Play Plus.

What is it?

The Play Plus uses T-Sonic pulsation technology, producing up to 8,000 pulses per minute channeled through the silicone brush. It removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, dead skin cells and makeup residue, enhancing absorption of skincare products. For men, this creates conditioned skin for a closer and smoother shave.

LUNA Play Plus

It’s available in 7 colours, and of course mine is Violet. The non-porous silicone helps it to quickly dry and prevent the growth of bacteria and is 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristles.

First Impressions

When I first got home, to my horror, it wouldn’t turn on 😱.

I thought they had forgotten to provide a battery or that I got a dud? I proceeded to unscrew the flat panel to investigate. As I got halfway through the second screw, it buzzed to life!

There is a small metal contact under the flat panel that needs to touch the battery at a particular angle to operate. I realised it was intentionally screwed on tightly to prevent the product spontaneously switching on, and staying on, causing damage during transit.

I’ve had no further battery issues since.

The brush features 2 zones, finer ‘touch-points’ cleanse larger areas of the skin, like the cheeks, while thicker ‘touch-points’ provide deeper and precise cleansing for oily areas like the T-zone.


How is it used?

I use it twice a day after removing any makeup:

  1. Apply a small amount of cleanser to the bristles
  2. Start working it into the skin in small circular motions
  3. Wet the brush if more moisture is needed
  4. Continue around the face, jawline and neck for 1 minute (note: the Play Plus doesn’t have a timer)
  5. Rinse well and pat dry
  6. Proceed with skincare

Alternatively, you can apply the cleanser to your face first, and use the LUNA. Being waterproof it can also be used in the shower, whatever works for you!

LUNA Play Plus

On the first few days I applied the same amount of cleanser as I would if I were using my hands and it lathered like crazy. This device made a little go a long way so you’ll use less product.

Even after the very first use, I noticed skin care products absorbing more effectively into my skin and over the subsequent months my skin appeared clearer, brighter and more luminous. I’m not sure if the thicker bristles at the top of the brush actually do anything different. They only feel slighter stiffer than the finer bristles 🤷🏽‍.

Many other FOREO products, like the LUNA 2, have multi-speed functions where you’re able to adjust the frequency of pulsations, however, this product is one-speed and it doesn’t have a timer.

Pros & Cons

6 month update

Since buying it 6 months ago, I’ve used this face brush twice a day, pretty much everyday, and absolutely loved it. However, I’ve needed to change the battery about once a month in order to maintain the intensity of the T-Sonic pulses of the device.

To replace the battery, there are two screws which hold the bottom panel that have rusted quite badly. Each time I replace the battery I’ll soak the screws in an attempt to remove the rust. It doesn’t remove it completely but helps.

Below are two comparison pictures. The first taken about a month after purchase, and the second after 6 months of use:

9 month update

Since doing my 6-month update I had changed the battery out twice.

The third time I went to unscrew the two small screws at the bottom, the + on top of the screw had completely rusted off which meant that I couldn’t use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel. To this day it is stuck, ran out of battery and I’m using it without its T-Sonic pulses.


My tip would be to keep it away from wet surfaces, make sure it stands somewhere dry so the screws don’t rust. If the screws do rust, make sure to replace them before they degrade too much.

Final thoughts

I went into this without any expectations yet wanting a positive change for my skin. Not only is it compact, therefore travel friendly, strange, yet effective face brush that I’ve grown to love.

Despite the screws decaying, I am still very pleased with this product and have now purchased the LUNA 2, but in hindsight I would replace the screws sooner to increase its longevity.

Overall, I’m very impressed and I now look forward to my cleansing routine as quality me-time. This is the first product I’ve been able to use twice a day without my skin becoming red, irritated or sensitive.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a FOREO affiliate and will receive a small commission if a purchase is made using my affiliate links, however, this item was purchased with my own money and all opinions expressed are my own.