Roam with R

This is probably the most irritating side effect of travelling by plane. With the change in air pressure liquids or semi-liquids immediately decide to migrate outwards of their assigned containers!

In my experience, the incidences of leakages have significantly reduced throughout the years. Perhaps this issue has been recognised and addressed by most airlines? But I’m sure most of us wouldn’t take the risk and find out the hard way.

Try these tips below to prevent those annoying leaks.

Cling wrap

An easy and affordable solution, take the cap or lid off containers, cover the top with cling wrap and replace the cap or lid.

As an alternative securely wrap the lid with sticky tape of any variety. Make sure to take the tape with you for the return flight.

Remove extra air

Any extra air in the container will increase the risk of leakages, let as much air out as possible and close the lid tightly.

Snap lock bags

Place the bottles and containers in Snap Lock Bags, which can be found in a variety of sizes, so any possible leakages will be contained. You may even be able to scrape off the products and use it depending on what it is.

Go solid

Pack solids instead of liquids or gels. Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap can triple as body soap, shampoo and conditioner and there is an added bonus of no leakages during transit, simply let it dry, place into a tin or snap lock bag and pack.

Consider powdered products too, such as May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver. This powder face mask is very easy to travel with, place a small amount into a travel sized container and when its time to pamper yourself, mix it with equal parts water and have a DIY spa night. There is no better time to relax and indulge in your favourite face mask then when on holiday; after all, your skin may be in need of some TLC post-flight.

Purchase at your destination

There is always the danger of bottles leaking no matter what you do.

Do some research in advance. Find brands and products available at your destination and have a rough idea of where these shops are located in relation to your accommodation. Your host or the hotel concierge will also be able to help you here on the most convenient locations to source certain items.

While you may not be able to find the exact what you wanted, you should be able to find comparable products to get by for the short duration of your trip.

I’ve done this many times and simply leave my products at my accommodation, usually Airbnb, where the next guest or even the host can enjoy any leftover products.

Let us know below if you’ve tried these or have any other suggestions!