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Being a cynic, my hesitation in making the change to electric toothbrushes were due to the bulky charging stations, unappealing designs and ultimately my suspicion that they made no difference.

Following my wonderful experience with the LUNA Play Plus I was intrigued with FOREO’s take on the electric toothbrush, their strange yet appealing design colours and technology.

I decided on the ISSA Hybrid in Lavender, with its combination of nylon and silicone bristles which, in reviews, were reported to remove plaque more effectively than the silicone bristles of the ISSA.

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What is it?

In my experience, the ISSA Hybrid sits somewhere between a manual toothbrush and other electric toothbrushes. The brushing technique is the same as a manual toothbrush, however the pulsations combined with the silicone bristles provide a massage to the gums and give a polished feel, while the nylon bristles do an amazing job at cleaning the teeth.

What’s in the box?

The package arrived in lightening fast speed, only taking TWO DAYS from clicking ‘buy’ to reaching the front door!

The Brush: There was an on/off switch with a + and - to increase and decrease intensity as required.

USB Charger: The USB charging cable measures at 52cm.

Travel Pouch: A white leather case and fits the toothbrush perfectly when the brush head is at the bottom. When inserted bottom first the top will stick out.

Scratch Magnet: On receiving the package I was unaware that the magnetic scratch card was to register the product on the website for any future warranty claims. I threw it away 😳

Manual: which can also be found here.

FOREO ISSA Hyrbid Toothbrush

How is it used?

This brush has eight pulse intensity settings which the device will remember for your next use. There is an inbuilt timer which pulses every 30 seconds.

The idea is that you divide your teeth into quadrants and spend 30 seconds for each quarter for a total of two minutes brushing time. After the two minutes it will pulse three times to signal the end and will switch off after three minutes to prevent overuse.

It’s waterproof, with a sealed charging port, so can be used in the shower if that’s your thing!

The brush can also be locked for travel so it won’t spontaneously switch on inside your bags. To lock or unlock just push the + and - at the same time.

After my very first use I was surprised by how well it worked. Not only did my teeth feel clean, they also felt polished and continues to impress me two months in.

Does it whiten teeth?

I don’t use a whitening toothpaste. After using it for the past few months I haven’t noticed any difference in the colour of my teeth. It provides a very good clean so perhaps over time I may see some change. Who knows!

Comparing with a regular toothbrush

On a recent trip overseas, I decided to experiment by leaving my ISSA Hybrid, and using a regular Colgate toothbrush. I was away for a month.

The first thing I noticed was how harsh the regular toothbrush felt on my gums. They were sore but never bleeding. As I continued throughout the following weeks I noticed that my teeth felt less clean… a little fuzzy, not matter how long I spent or how well I brushed.

I was glad to come home to by Hybrid!

ISSA Hybrid Comparison

Pros & Cons

4 month update

The first picture was taken a few days after I received the package and the second only 4 months later where quite a lot of silicone bristles had come off. I contacted customer support at FOREO and they organised a replacement brush free of charge!

8 month update

After receiving the replacement brush, and having used it for a further 4 months, I can report that there are no issues with the silicone bristles.

I’ll do another update to see how long my next one lasts!

Final thoughts

After using the ISSA Hyrbid, and then going back to my regular toothbrush, I’m so glad I decided to make the change. My teeth feel cleaner and more polished, and I’ve had no further issues with the silicone bristles falling off.

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