Roam with R

Wouldn’t we all like to have effortlessly chic hair every day!

After much hair-training I’m now able to wash my hair every 5-6 days. The quality of my hair has improved and doesn’t look greasy until Day 5 - and I live in Singapore! I took it one step further and stopped using shampoos and conditioners altogether. You can read more about me Going No Poo and find out how I did it.

The common styling options are curling, straightening and blow drying. While they are great options they’re time consuming and the excess heat is damaging over time.

While on holiday you want to spend as much time exploring, eating or relaxing, not in front of a mirror with styling tools. Here are some styling options I’ve found helpful:


I love braids. There are endless YouTube tutorials on how to execute various braids. My favourites are Amber Fillerup & Cute Girl Hairstyles who never fail to make braids look salon perfect.

A french or dutch braid is great on Day 3-5 at hiding greasy hair. Jazz it up with a zig-zag or diagonal part for something different.

A french braid on dry or slightly damp hair overnight creates a great flattering wavy texture. It will look like you’ve spent ages on your hair, all during your beauty rest!

Top knot

Another popular, quick and easy ‘do, is the messy top knot which everyone seems to have a unique way of doing. You can either use a donut hair sponge, a rolled up sock or just twist your hair through a hair tie to achieve a well put together look.

When your hair still a little damp after a wash tie it up in a bun and leave it in overnight and have beautiful waves the next morning.


Possibly the easiest hair hack. Pop on a hat and cover up any greasy roots as the tips of your hair will never get oily.

My favourites are fedoras and broad brimmed hats!

Hair accessories

You can also buy some hair accessories and elevate a simple hairstyle into elegance like headbands, hairwraps, funky bobby pins and I also like to keep the fabric from a hemmed dress and wear it as a headband.

What’s your favourite quick and easy ‘do?