Roam with R

The ideal carry on varies greatly for each person and so much trial and error is involved in getting the carry on packed perfectly for flying in comfort. The tricky part is to make sure you have everything while keeping your carry on light and manageable.

To get you started here are my carry on essentials. Aside from the obvious items like passport, bank cards, etc. here are my essentials which you can work off and refine as you go.

Soon, you will have a checklist that is tailored exactly to your needs!


My skin hates the cabin air. The closed quarters and zero humidity wreaks havoc by way of break outs.

Face cloth When you skin is feeling dry from the low cabin humidity, instead of piling the moisuriser on top of everything already on your face, dampen a cloth under warm water, give your face a gentle wipe down and then proceed with your moisturiser. Your pore will thank you for it.
Eye Cream Ensure this delicate skin around the eye area is hydrated.
Face Oil A few drops of Face Oil underneath your moisturiser will work wonders to add some extra moisture.
Moisturiser The last step to ensure you’ve hydrated your face.
Lucas’ Papaw Ointment This is my holy grail product that I use for everything from chapped lips, combat dryness on my face and body. Put it anywhere and everywhere and let your skin drink in the hydration.

If you’re taking liquids and gels on board:

  • Products must be in containers of 100mLs or lessandcarried together in a transparent resealable bag.
  • The bag’s sealed area must add up to no more than 80cm.
  • Only one clear bag is allowed per passenger withexceptions of carers who may carry the bags of peopleintheir care, e.g. mothers for their children.


Keeping this to the necessities:

Brow pencil Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is the best and its so small it can easily fit into your handbag
Mascara I switch between Benefit Roller Lash and Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes . Either way it makes me look more awake than I feel.
Lipstick I often skip this but every now and then I’ll pop on a nude-ish colour, just because! MAC Persistence is my perfect nude.


Laptop, Tablet, Phone As I work from home I take my laptop everywhere. I’d never dream of checking these in case my luggage was ever lost 😱
Chargers & Cables Similarly, I’d never checkin my cables in case they were lost in transit, and I’ll always keep a USB charger handy as most airports and planes have this charging available and you don’t even need an adapter.
Earphones I use the Apple AirPods and they’re so tiny I always keep them in my handbag.

I’ll put all of these in a cables organiser which you can easily find online.

On longer flights

Change of clothes I’ll often bring some tights and a loose top and a change of underwear to change into before I nod off. It makes falling asleep on a plane much more tolerable.
Eyemask Blocking out ambient light helps be fall asleep much more easily.
Toothbrush And toothpaste. After you wake up you’ll want to brush your teeth!
Deodorant Self explanatory!
Fragrance I like to bring along a small rollerball. It’s nice to pop some behind your ears and wrist after a flight to hide that plane smell.
Compression socks A few years ago I found my feet were starting to swell on the plane when I spent a few hours in the seated position. Fearing a DVT attack I purchased these compression socks which I put on straight after I get on the plane and it has helped so much.
Foot hammock I’m kinda short. And my feet don’t reach the ground in most seats. I’ve recently purchased a foot hammock which I clip behind the tray in front and it provides a platform for my feet to rest and prevent swelling