Roam with R

Travel is a gift to which more people now have access than ever before, allowing for new and exciting experiences. But with anything that isn’t a part of everyday life, travel can also bring along with it some stressors.

Here are some things to make your trip that little bit easier.

Before you leave

Pack & prepare

For stress-free packing follow our Checklists or even create your own. Packing is a learning process so add and amend your checklists as you go.

For packing hacks read our article The Art of Packing on space saving and organisational tips.

Copy your identification

Either keep an offline electronic copy of your travel documentation or make sure to photocopy everything and have one copy with you and one with someone back at home in case of emergencies.

Have a pen

Don’t get caught without a pen handy to fill out paperwork.

Notify banks

Let your banks know when you will be leaving and for how long including the countries and cities you will be visiting. This will save you a lot of heartache when making a purchase only to have it declined suspecting a stolen card or fraudulent behaviour.

You should also check your credit card for any perks they may offer during travelling for hotels and restaurants.


Mark your bags as ‘fragile’ to ensure your baggage is handled correctly. This baggage is usually kept at the top making it the first to be released after your flight.


Why not keep an extra set of cables and organise them in an organiser so they’ll be ready to go whenever you are!

Keep toiletries bag packed

If you are a frequent traveler, live out of your toiletry bag and keep it packed. This will allow the packing process to be a bit easier and will prevent you from having to make expensive toiletry purchases if you forget something.

But if you don’t take trips very often and like having your set up at home download our Toiletries Checklist and simply check things off as you go!

In transit

Minimise jet lag

Eat, drink and sleep well to minimise jet lag on the other end. Read up on how to Combat Jet Lag to feel fresh and be ready to go when you arrive.

Order a special meal

Get food faster by ordering a special meal when you book in your flight, e.g. halal, kosher, vegetarian or gluten-free. You will usually be served before the other passengers and can get to sleep sooner without waiting for the full dinner service. They often taste better too!

At your destination

Use ATMs

Organise to have some balance on your credit card and withdraw local currency at an ATM which will give you better rates than exchanging money at the airport.


Once you’ve reached your destination take a quick trip to the local supermarket to pick up snacks and items for breakfast. This is particularly useful when travelling with children to reduce the morning rush to find food (which can be very difficult in some countries).

Wherever possible, avoid those ‘hangry’ moments in life.

Use local language

The locals love it and you’ll get some good practice in too!

Stay connected

Make calls to friends and family by using Skype or other video call features. All you’ll need is WiFi or data so research your SIM card options beforehand!

When you get home


Unpack immediately when you enter the door. You may be tired out of your mind, but you’ll be glad you did it in the morning. Plus, it saves your luggage from smelling like soiled laundry.


Put on that first load of laundry. You’ll have a headstart on the tidying and get you used to being back at home.

Is there anything you do when you’re travelling to make life a little easier? Let us know below!

Happy Travelling!