Roam with R

Iโ€™ve enjoyed the freedom that comes from using a menstrual cup so much that I dived into other possibilities for alternative period care and also creating less waste. Iโ€™ve trialed the Lunette Cup, THINX Period Underwear, EcoFemme Cloth Liners and Livia Period Pain Device myself.

My favourite combination is the Lunette cup, used along with THINX underwear and Livia device for pain management for the first day or two.

Below is my take on the pros and cons of these โ€˜commonโ€™ alternative period care products.

Menstrual Cups

Period Underwear

Cloth Liners

Sea Sponges

Period Pain Device

I havenโ€™t tried sea sponges yet, however, so the pros and cons above are a deduction from what is commonly know about them. Iโ€™ll admit, they kinda scare me ๐Ÿ˜ฌ! Maybe in a few years Iโ€™ll get used to the idea and may give it a go.

NOTE: Disposable period care, such as tampons, pads and soft cups have not been included in this assessment.