Roam with R

Mention airport security to anyone and you’ll hear that familiar groan of frustration. It is probably the most irritating aspect of air travel that leaves those of us, who are old enough, pining for the good old days when all we had to do was put our luggage through a scanner and we were ready to board.

Just after I’ve checked into my flight I start to feel the uncomfortable palpitations of my heart that come with anxiety of going through airport security 🤢

With any challenge comes ways to deal with them.


Don’t wear boots!

Living in Singapore, I don’t get to wear them very often and they’re my favourite. When I travel to cooler destinations I’m adamant about taking my knee-high brown leather boots. However packing them into my suitcase would take up almost a quarter of the entire luggage space so I usually just wear them on board!

And inevitably I’m asked to remove them at security.

While the zippers make this process easy, I’d rather not have to. The things we do for fashion!


The same goes for clothing.

Even though wearing a scarf or a jacket doesn’t sound like a big deal, airport security are very suspicious of layers. If I’m wearing more than one layer I find myself basically undressing and re-dressing myself each time.

I’ve even been patted down after going through the scanner because I was wearing a loose fit maxi dress. 🙄


I’ve worn my watch and wedding bands going through security and have never been asked to remove those - I guess most people have them so its not as suspect. But I recently got some beautiful gold bangles as a birthday present and was asked to remove them at security. They were a snug fit so takes some prying to take off. Embarrassing.


On flights shorter than four hours I check in all my toiletries but on long haul flights I’ll bring a few of my essentials as my skin really suffers from the near zero humidity.

I used to carry these in a zip lock bag but hated the waste I was creating and now use a transparent MUJI bag. I usually just put this in my handbag so I can easily access this during security checks and put it away in my carry on straight after.

Suitable Carry On

Every now and then your carry on may be searched manually by security. I like to have a suitable carry on bag that I can organise into compartments and, in case of such a check, put things back the way they were quickly and efficiently.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect carry on!


Each country will differ on what they will ask you to take out of your baggage to put into a tray for scanning. Most airports will ask for your laptop as well as removing it from its casing. Some will ask for your tablet also. However, I have experienced a few airports where they’ve asked for my phone to be in a tray for scanning.

So much (unneccesary) unpacking and re-packing here. As you may be able to tell, I hate airport security!