Roam with R

From the looks of it 2018 is the year for weddings! The first one was during the Easter weekend and was 5 days long making it a unique challenge on how to pack appropriately.

Day 1: Holud

Holud, also knows as Haldi, Gaye Holud or Turmeric Ceremony, is where a paste made of turmeric is applied to the bride and groom, generally in separate ceremonies. It is applied like a face mask by friends and family, and is used mainly for beautification.

It is washed off after a few hours of marination!


It just so happened that I arrived in Sydney, literally, the night before this event, and hadn’t packed properly. Rummaging through my suitcase, I found this maxi skirt and borrowed my sister’s top and made-do with this brushed up casual outfit!

My Outfit for Day 1

Day 2: Henna

The second day involved the bride getting her henna design on her arms and legs.

I’ve always loved getting henna patterns, and for brides it is taken up a notch with very intricate patterns and details. The groom’s name is also hidden within the pattern, making for a bit of a ‘Where’s Wally’ game!

I wasn’t able to stay for very long for this event so was only able to capture the start. I’m told the whole thing took 5 hours! 😱


The rest of my clothing was going to be brought over by Todd as he was arriving the following day so I had to go with another fancied-up casual outfit!

My Outfit for Day 2

Day 3: Henna Ceremony

The following day was the official henna ceremony where friends and family of the bride are also able to get a little henna pattern done as well!

Here’s a before and after taken a day apart.

On this occasion I wore the saree provided by the bride to close friends and family. I was only able to get it on with the help of my sister and several YouTube tutorials after a gruelling hour and a half!

It was a very hot day and the struggle didn’t help 😅

My Outfit for Day 3

Day 4: Nikkah

The fourth day was the Nikkah Ceremony, which is the religious marriage contract, and exchanging of the rings 💍



I wore a more relaxed traditional outfit than the saree with my hair in a bun to hide my day four hair.

My Outfit for Day 4

Day 5: Reception

Final day of the epic 5-day wedding is the Wedding Reception, typically hosted by the groom’s side. It is the first outing that the couple will do as husband and wife.

Having run out of outfits available in my wardrobe (the tradition clothing side of my wardrobe is sadly thin) I had to make do with this simple number, especially since it was a sweltering 32℃ that day.

My Outfit for Day 5